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Kangaroo Tuning Using DEScribe Software


To tune Kangaroo using DEscribe software:

  • Go to the DEscribe "Help" menu for wiring instructions.
  • Click on the "Connect and Download Settings" button. Click "Detect" so the software can find Kangaroo. This might take a few minutes.
  • Click "OK" when the Kangaroo has been found.
  • When the settings are finished downloading, go to the "Live Test" or "Tune" tab and click on the "Tune" button.
  • Another window will pop up and the only button you can click is "Begin." Click it and choose your tune method:  Limit Switches, Mechanical Stops, and Teach Distance. If you are not using limit switches or mechanical stops, click "Teach Distance."

For "Limit Switches" and "Mechanical Stops," you will then click the "Continue" button. The software will take over and complete the tune.

For "Teach Distance," depending on how you have the Kangaroo DIPs set, you will see either Channel 1 and 2 sliders, or Drive and Turn sliders. Before clicking "Continue," you will need to designate the travel range of the motor(s) as outlined in the "Kangaroo Manual" or "Kangaroo Pack-In Instructions." (If you haven't reviewed these yet, you will need to, as improperly designating range will result in a tune error or inaccurate tune.) The sliders are your input control for designating the range. Moving a slider right, will result in motor movement in one direction, while moving a slider left, will result in opposite motor movement. After designating the range, click, "Continue." The software will take over and complete the tune.

For any Errors displayed, see page 18 of the Kangaroo manual.

When the tune is complete, a reboot will be required to save the tune to the Kangaroo. When rebooting, ensure that the Kangaroo is not receiving power from both the motor driver and the serial converter (if providing power). After rebooting, it is recommended to "Connect and Download Settings" again so that you can save the tune file to your computer for later use or reference.

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