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DELink2 & DELight Compatibility


DELink2 units shipped after 2013 September 18 are compatible with the DELight Controller.

Using DELink2 with the DELight Controller requires the DELink/DELight software to be updated to version 2.20. Version 2.20 can be found here for download:

DELight Controller will connect to the DELink2's "TX," or transmit port.



If you acquired your DELink2 before the revision, the firmware will need to be updated for DELight compatibility. The firmware update file can be found here for dowmload:

DEScribe software is required to update the firmware. DEScribe can be found here:

Firmware update instructions:

  • After downloading the update file, connect DELink2 via USB.
  • In DEScribe, go to TOOLS -> Update Firmware.
  • Follow prompts. You will complete two uploads to finalize the update. The first is, "Updating Core Firmware." Follow prompts for updating and power cycling and repeat the process once more (TOOLS -> Update Firmware). The second upload is, "Updating Firmware." After power cycling again, the DELink2 is compatible with DELight Controller.

The firmware update is not required for any DELink purchased after September 18. If the update is not properly completed, the DELink may not function properly.

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